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Likhu project

Unfortunately Nepal was hit by two horrific earthquakes in April 2015. The area around the village Likhu, north of Kathmandu near the epi centre where the school was finished being built, was hit hard. Twenty two people died in the village. The main school building is sturdy and still stands strong after the earthquake but the government building totally collapsed and needs rebuilding. To regain a normal life for the 700 students building work was started straight away. Temporary classrooms were setup also providing the children daily meals and clothes. Rebuilding the school has been a challenge due to higher costs of materials, the damage made by the earthquake and the border with India being closed. Work still needs to be done and support needed to finish this project to create safe and earthquake proof buildings.

Gorkha project

In 2015 the earthquake damaged 6 of the 7 school buildings in the Gorkha area. This district is the worst hit area in Nepal. Rebuilding the schools was started immediately, inclusive the water supply and toilets. The building work has been a large challenge as the border to India was closed and few materials could be bought or even transported. To make the cement needed, water had to be fetched from far away. All in all 44 classrooms have been achieved  at 7 different schools whereby 5 secondary schools. More than 2000 students from mainly poor families can go back to school now including the fact they are now safe from any future earthquakes as the buildings have been built earthquake proof. This project is now completed.